Quincey Hill and Kenneth Webb, missing persons

From left, Quincey Hill and Kenneth Webb, missing persons from Ozark.

An Ozark couple has been missing for more than a month. Police are again reaching out to the public for help finding them.

The Ozark Police Department shared photos and information on Quincey Hill, 23, and Kenneth S. Webb, 29, who were reported as missing persons.

Hill and Webb were last seen on Longview Road, which is west of U.S. Highway 65 between North 21st Street and Fremont Road in Ozark.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Missing Persons Clearinghouse gives April 27, as the date both Hill and Webb went missing. However, the Ozark Police Department reports that Hill and Webb were last seen May 1, at approximately 7:30 a.m.

“What is now starting to be suspicious is the time lapse,” Ozark Interim Police Chief Justin Arnold said.

It’s not unusual for Webb and Hill to go a day or two without contacting friends or family. A month, however, is out of the ordinary.

“Thirty days and family and other people haven’t heard from them, law enforcement hasn’t been able to locate them, and we’ve been working with different jurisdictions to try to check places where we know they may frequent just to follow up with them to see if they’ve had any contact,” Arnold said. “That’s what’s leading this to start to seem a little more suspicious—just the fact that they’re not here, not around and can’t be found.”

Webb and Hill reportedly “frequent camp grounds in the Stone and Christian County areas,” according to a press release from the Ozark Police Department. They are reportedly known to travel primarily on foot in Ozark and Nixa.

In a typical missing persons case, Arnold said that cell phones and vehicles are two of the most valuable tools police have in locating the missing person. Neither of those apply in the cases of Webb and Hill.

“Big things that we’re looking for are vehicles, cell phones, stuff like that. That’s one of the things that makes this case unique is that these two don’t have cell phones, these two don’t have a vehicle,” Arnold said.

Hill is a white female with a light complexion, blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses and is described as 5-foot-5, 114 pounds.

Webb is 6-foot-0, 270 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He may have a beard and potentially has visible tattoos on both of his forearms.

Anyone with information on Quincey Hill or Kenneth Webb is asked to call the Ozark Police Department at (417) 581-6600, or email Sgt. Nathan Lewis at N.Lewis@ozarkpd.org.

“We’re wanting to ensure that these two individuals are found safe, and we want to make sure that they are in good health,” Arnold said.

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