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The Nixa City Council debated the idea of requiring members of the general public to wear face masks, like this medical face mask, while in public spaces during a lengthy meeting July 13.

The Ozark Board of Aldermen will hold a public hearing at the Ozark Community Center on Aug. 10. Citizens are invited to address the board with their thoughts on a proposal to require face masks and coverings in public places by city ordinance.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at The OC. In an effort to encourage public health protocols, namely spatial distancing of 6 feet or more between persons of different households, the board will move to a larger space than its usual City Hall meeting room to accommodate what is anticipated to be a high volume of public interest.

A similar hearing in Nixa on July 20 drew 41 speakers and an overflow crowd of interested onlookers. 

Ozark residents interested in speaking to the board of aldermen about proposed masking requirements will be able to sign up at the meeting.

“To ensure the safety and health of our community, all meeting attendees must wear a mask or face covering inside the Ozark Community Center and will have their temperature checked at the door. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to enter The OC due to the potential threat of spreading infection,” a press release from the city of Ozark reads.

Persons with medical or mental health conditions that inhibit their ability to wear masks will be allowed to view the meeting by teleconference through an office room that will be set up at The OC. They will also be allowed to address the board of aldermen by teleconference, but will not be allowed into the meeting room without a mask.

Each person addressing the board will be required to give their name and address for the record, and speakers will be restricted to three minutes each. Remarks must be directed to the board of aldermen, not directed toward one official in particular or directed toward others in the audience.

An Ozark city employee will clean the speakers’ podium area between each use.

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