Propane truck overturned in Ozark

Two tow trucks were needed to upright a propane truck that overturned on the U.S. Highway 65 interchange with Route F in Ozark. The truck posed a danger to anything or anyone within a quarter-mile radius.

Part of U.S. Highway 65 closed in Ozark after a tanker truck rolled over at the interchange of U.S. Highway 65 and Route F on Thursday morning.

The Ozark Police Department reported a truck rollover on the southbound ramps at State Route F and Highway 65. Northbound traffic was slowed but not closed on Thursday morning.

Ozark Police Chief Justin Arnold said the truck driver exited Highway 65 southbound and was turning east onto State Route F. The truck rolled onto its right side and struck a guardrail.

"We really don't know exactly what happened, but he just wasn't able to negotiate that turn there," Arnold said.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident, and there were no reports of injuries immediately after the accident occurred.

The Missouri Department of Transportation closed southbound traffic on Highway 65 between the State Route EE exit near Highlandville and Highway 14 in Ozark to allow for cleanup. According to MoDOT, the truck was carrying propane and needs to be offloaded. 

Arnold explained that the Ozark Fire Protection District and the Christian County Office of Emergency Management advised anything within about a quarter of a mile of the overturned truck would be in danger in the event of a gas explosion. With wins blowing steadily out of the south, emergency responders took extra precautions with parts of Ozark north of the Route F interchange.

"It will actually take about 15 to 16 hours to offload the propane, so once they get it upright they are going to examine the truck and then the actual tank," Arnold said. "If they can just hook onto it and move it, they're going to do that so they can move it to a more secure area to do it. If not, it will take 16 hours there and we'll have the whole highway shut down."

According to MoDOT, northbound traffic coming from the south will be diverted onto State Route EE toward Highlandville. Southbound traffic will be diverted onto Missouri Highway 14. 

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