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Nick Reid

Nick Reid’s return to goalkeeper for Nixa after a three-week hiatus due to COVID-19 was inauspicious to say the least.

Reid drew the first red card of his career for being involved in a tackle of a Springfield Catholic player during the Kickapoo Tournament the first weekend of this month. Just like that, he was dismissed from the contest and back to being a spectator again.

“I think I got the ball,” Reid said of the play. “But I understand. The ref had a tough angle. We’ll just keep moving forward.”

“He came out of the box a little slow,” coach Evan Palmer said. “Any other time he comes out I think he has that ball no question about it. But his speed was a little off.”

Reid has been working on regaining his strength and conditioning. His senior season was interrupted for 21 days due to his positive COVID 19 test last month. Among the matches he missed was Nixa’s 1-0 loss to Ozark.

Reid said his experience with the coronavirus wasn’t overwhelming, but not easy to deal with, either.

“For three or four days, I was in my bed and not moving much. I was pretty sick,” Reid said. “In my case, I’d say it wasn’t much worse than the flu. But it’s different for everyone.” 

He remains a bit bewildered how he was struck with the virus.

“I’ve tried to follow all the rules with social distancing and wearing a mask,” Reid said. “I can’t think of any specific place I would have caught it other than school. 

“My physical recovery has been a little tough with my lungs,” he added. “I was out of breath and out of shape coming back. It was tough to re-start, 21 days off is a long time to take a break in the middle of the season. But I’m getting back to mid-season form.”

Reid posted a shutout last week during Nixa’s rematch with Catholic, a 3-0 Eagles victory.

“I was glad to stay in the game this time,” Reid said.

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