Donna Swatzell retires from Nixa City Hall

OUTGOING NIXA FINANCE DIRECTOR DONNA SWATZELL (left) retired from Nixa City Hall after serving for 17 years. She will be replaced by Jennifer Evans (right), who comes to Nixa from Cassville.


For 17 years, Donna Swatzell watched over the taxpayers’ dollars in Nixa with award-winning precision. Her retirement marks a key transition at City Hall.

Swatzell retired officially on Aug. 28. Her coworkers call her a leader and a friend.

Swatzell earned Nixa’s first Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association, and earned one every year thereafter. Nixa also won a Trust Award from the Springfield Chapter of the Better Business Bureau.

The 2019 independent audit report for the city of Nixa was good enough that the auditor, Springfield-based Decker and DeGood, submitted the report to other cities to serve as an example for what a clean report should look like.

Auditor Marshall Decker shared that Nixa received a clean audit opinion, and that the city government has applicable cash flows. Headed into a tumultuous 2020 that included a drop in sales tax revenue in March and April, Decker said that Nixa was poised to weather whatever economic effects COVID-19 could storm.

The city hired Jennifer Evans, previously a financial officer with the city of Cassville, to assume the role of Nixa finance director. Evans has been working alongside Swatzell in recent weeks in order to become familiar with the accounting system at Nixa City Hall.

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