Gino R. McKinnie

Gino R. McKinnie

A man found guilty of six felonies in a home invasion that ended with threats of gun violence will wait until September to learn the details of his prison sentence.

A judge ruled that Gino R. McKinnie was guilty of six charges stemming from a break-in where he threatened Ozark residents with a handgun in what investigators say was Russian roulette. Due to McKinnie’s incarceration on an unrelated case and the rescheduling of court dockets in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, McKinnie’s sentencing was rescheduled on June 15, to Sept. 23.

McKinnie was tried on Dec. 2, 2019, on felony charges of first-degree robbery, two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of armed criminal action. On Feb. 20, Christian County Circuit Judge Jennifer Growcock pronounced McKinnie guilty on all six charges.

McKinnie, 23, is already in a Missouri prison serving a five-year sentence on an unrelated conviction of trafficking in stolen identities in Taney County from 2019. Missouri Department of Corrections records show that McKinnie is an inmate at the Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center in Fulton.

An officer from the Missouri Division of Probation and Parole interviewed McKinnie and prepared a sentence assessment report, which Judge Growcock will use as an aid in sentencing McKinnie. Online court records show that the sentence assessment report was filed June 1.

McKinnie can be brought back to Ozark from prison to appear for sentencing.

McKinnie was first arrested by Ozark police in November 2016. He was 19 at the time he was accused of breaking into a home, stealing money and using a handgun to threaten three persons. 

According to a probable cause statement, McKinnie allegedly broke into a residence on Petrus Circle, located off of North 22nd Street in northern Ozark, and physically attacked two of the three residents.

“McKinnie also pointed a handgun at each of the three residents,” the statement reads. “Further, while in the home, McKinnie took approximately $150 in cash.”

One of the residents told police officers he was asleep on a downstairs couch when his roommate came home. The man said he woke up as his roommate began “screaming for him.” The man said he woke up and saw McKinnie standing over his roommate. The man told police McKinnie was wearing a white hoodie with the hood up and tied tightly around his face so all he could see was “the suspect’s eyes and the area around the eyes.”

“(The victim) said he knew right off who the suspect was,” the statement says. “(The victim) said he had been hanging out with the girlfriend of Gino McKinnie … said they are only friends, but he knew right away McKinnie’s voice. (The victims) all know McKinnie from high school, as they all attended together.”

 McKinnie allegedly asked if there were any other persons in the home, and they said their other roommate was sleeping upstairs. McKinnie allegedly asked them to go upstairs while he followed them, holding them at gunpoint the entire time.

“Once upstairs, McKinnie punched both (victims) in the face, knocking (one of them) to the ground,” the statement says. “McKinnie also woke up the other roommate.”

One of the residents said McKinnie began tapping him on the forehead with the barrel of the gun, and said “You know who I am.” The man allegedly responded, “Yes, I do.”

“McKinnie then removed his hoodie from his head and face,” the probable case statement reads.

McKinnie is accused of using the revolver in an act of Russian roulette with the residents.

According to the statement, one of the victims said he would show McKinnie where their money was.

McKinnie allegedly threatened, “I know where your families live, do not call the police.”

According to the probable cause statement, McKinnie then ran out the back door and fled, throwing the residents’ cell phones into some grass as he went.

McKinnie failed to appear for a court hearing in Ozark on April 10, 2019. Judge Growcock issued a warrant for McKinnie’s arrest, stemming from Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Timothy McDonald filing a motion to revoke McKinnie’s $500,000 bond and defense attorney Stuart Huffman filing a motion to withdraw from representing McKinnie. Police arrested McKinnie in Springfield later that day.

Online court records show McKinnie also has a warrant out for his arrest in Greene County, where he is charged with the class A felony of first-degree robbery. A public defender has been assigned to serve as McKinnie’s attorney in the Greene County case.

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