Chadwick Railroad Day 2020

Scenes from Chadwick’s 38th annual Railroad Day celebration, held June 6, 2020.

It has been another busy week in the history of Chadwick. We have such a small but caring community.

Thanks to all who came out on Saturday to make this year's Chadwick School Foundation Walk/Run and Railroad Day a success.

Around 60 runners took part in the Walk/Run 5k out east of town on Chadwick Road. This is the ninth year for this event that usually happens in the middle of April. Since it had to be changed because of schools being closed down, we were happy to have it combined with the 38th annual Chadwick Railroad Day.

I didn't get the count of all who were in the annual parade, but it was a great turnout. We appreciate all who took the time to join in. Many guys have taken the time to get those old-time automobiles in shape for driving. It really brings back memories and lots of storytelling about the old cars and trucks.

Walk/run winners were announced following the parade, as well as the first winners of the Chadwick School Foundation endowment scholarships. Stevi Jones was the winner of the $1,000 scholarship and Courtney Grimes was the winner of the $500 scholarship.

Kids enjoyed some free games, mostly the turtle races.

Smith and Henson began the day of music to entertain the group of vendors and politicians. They always are such a good crowd-pleaser, and we appreciate them so much.

It was nice to have Pletcher Rogers down to enjoy the lunch provided by Larry, Maurice and the Friendship Club. The ham and hot dog dinners were really good. The ham was extra expensive this year, but tasted great.

Pat Henson and Cory Smith continued to help with music by Brandyn Wiles and then Ashley West and Family. This group has already been invited to come back again. Ashley teaches clogging and music lessons in the Sparta area. Several of our kids have taken lessons from her. Give her a call as soon as this virus is over (I hope very soon).

The crowd was down this year because so many were still afraid of the virus. We were extra careful with the folks who came.

Thanks to Bonnie, who took the time to keep the museum open for folks to take a look at the past of the Chadwick area. Bonnie, Lloyd, Diana and Kathy had taken several days to clean and reorganize the Museum. Thanks guys.

We were blessed with several of our younger folks taking a very active part in getting things ready for this year's events. I won't try to name them since I might forget someone; there were so many. They also did the cleaning up and putting things back in place.

There seemed to be a lot of memory sharing going on. Books sold quite well, which means there is a need for another gathering in the fall for a "Chadwick History Day."

Folks had a lot of questions. Joey and Trish did a good job of answering questions since they have all my books. I push history pretty hard to my family.

Thanks to the E. Fausett family for providing the tent to give us all a good shade in the 90-degree temperatures. There will also be a tent revival going on at the community grounds this week. You all come out and join them.

Mark, Markie and Zack Loveland did a great job of replacing the Chadwick Friendship Club sign at the Community Building grounds. Take a few minutes to thank them, and if you need any signs, please give them a call. They are a very professional hometown family.

With all the families made to "stay at home" the past few months, it gave them time to sort and know what things to get rid of and what they want to keep. You will notice a lot of garage sale signs. Stop by and check them out to see what you need to replace with what you are getting rid of.

I hear there will be a Chadwick city-wide garage sale later this month. Watch for signs!

Rodeo folks will be going to Bruner for the Brianna Walker Memorial Rodeo this weekend. It is always a great event.

Don't forget the Beaver and Swan Creek Bass Fish Tournament at Bradleyville.

Our small towns like to keep safe, positive events in their communities.

You all enjoy getting out and taking time to enjoy your neighbors. Stay safe.

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