Former school teacher Marie Day has been hosting December field trips to her farm in Chadwick since the 1960s.

My granddaughter, Bailey, had a special meeting on Monday morning, so she dropped off the three kids at the Chadwick Community Building to spend some time with us women. They had lots of things to play with and we enjoyed them. Great young folks!

Here is wishing each of you a very happy Thanksgiving. We need to be thankful every day, but this is a time to make it special since there are so many heartbreaking things going on around us.

Many of my friends are going through some rough times with medical problems. Others are going through some very unhappy times. I am thinking of all of you.

Raymond Cummings had surgery last week. I am wishing him a speedy recovery and special thoughts to the family caring for him.

Sue Brilhart is starting to feel better. That is good to hear because she is a busy community volunteer and we sure do miss her. Sue is a special friend.

Dennis Donahue had a stroke last week. Millie says the staff is working hard to make him well again. He will probably be in rehab soon. Millie is spending a lot of time at Cox South to be with him. My shoulder is available.

It was good to hear from Darlene this past week. Her friend Mildred is going through some treatments. One of her neighbors has a neat deer stand rigged up where he can have his chair and beer handy—ready for the big one to get close.

Folks are still getting some really neat deer, some with antlers and some without. We know "What's for dinner?" for quite a while. Congratulations to all of those lucky hunters.

The ground is pretty muddy after all of those showers lately. We can all make good use of four-wheel drive now. The tractors are starting to make tracks in the fields again.

We are still cleaning up a lot of ladybugs and other flying insects. They seem to freeze one day and the sun comes out the next day to bring them back to life.

Ball games are in full swing now. Chadwick had a great jamboree Tuesday night.

The Friendship Club had a good meeting on Wednesday at the Community Building. We were glad that Avaline Harris had Denny available to bring her to quilting on Monday and Club meeting on Wednesday. She is feeling better but not able to drive yet.

Kaitlyn McConnell was at the Oldfield Opry Saturday night. She has completed a book, “Passport to the Ozarks,” a guide to special places to see and things to do in the Ozarks. These would make great Christmas gifts for folks who like to find what is available to see close to home. This book is filled with lots of history that we all love.

It was good having all the folks out for the Chadwick School Foundation Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday. The crowd was down some because of so many things going on in the area. We appreciate everyone who took the time to come out. The weather didn't encourage some people to get out.

It was good to see Kayla Sisco, her husband and baby, Kelby, visiting with family for the holidays. Brenda Thorne was there with some of Larry's new children's book and prints for sale. Larry and Brenda are past teachers of Chadwick schools.

Thanks to all of you who bought some of my local history books and maps. Recorded history is something that is here to stay. Stories just told get lost with time. I wish there was time to record all of them. Some are so unique. Remember when?

We will be having our family Thanksgiving at my house on Friday (the Lord willing and the creek don't rise). I look forward to having as many of my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids as possible. The more our family grows, the harder it is to get together.

You all have a great holiday weekend and remember those who are not as lucky to have loved ones near.

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