COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

We enjoyed a few days without the air conditioner running. That may change this week.

Thanks to Ada and Tom Crain for a donation to help with upkeep of the Chadwick Community Building. Help and donations are always appreciated by this small group.

I talked to Millie Donahoe last week. She was saying that Dennis is doing some music therapy now.

Ted and Kathy returned last Saturday from a trip to Colorado to spend some time with their families there.

Sympathy goes to the family of Marla Cook, who passed away last week. She was one of my preschoolers years ago.

The Chadwick Friendship Club is saving Best Choice labels as a fundraiser. The school is saving Coke product bottle caps. So, if anyone has any of these, the groups would appreciate them.

The girls and little ones came on Tuesday of last week. Bailey had to take her pickup for repair and had to have a loner. I keep lots of easy foods in the freezer, so it worked out great.

There was a good vote all over the area on Tuesday. Congratulations to all the winners and all of you gave an honest effort in the campaigns and meeting voters.

It was good seeing Bert Grove in the grocery store last week. She was saying that her grandson was on a vacation trip out west with his dad.

Patty Washam told me her family in Doyletown, Pennsylvania, was lucky to not be involved in the storm that hit their town.

I made extra masks last week, and sure hope they won't be needed.

Several of our local families had a few days’ camping trip at the lake. Others did some four wheeling and range riding on Glade Top Trails on Saturday.

Johnny was saying that his wife, Sheila, is being promoted to manager of her job. It will take some extra training sessions.

My house is a lesson-in-the-works for the great grandkids. Caleb came in excited that he had managed to plug in my rotary phone and called his dad. (and he answered). The girls like to drag out my old electric typewriter to play with. Now I need to get out the old bag phone to show them, along with the first record player my kids had in 1960, and the old phone that hung on the wall with the crank handle. History people save a lot of unique things to share with kids.

Speaking of history, The clippings of World War I and reprints are now available for sale at the community building on Monday, or call me.

You all have a good safe week and stay happy. Try to not get too stressed out about all that is happening in the world now.

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