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It is sure looking like winter time this Monday morning. The past two days of cloudiness has dropped my energy level way down. I look forward to this storm passing soon. Luckily, it didn't happen last week.

The grandkids came on Monday for play day. One can only imagine what will happen when they get together.

Among other things, they went exploring on the bluff between my house and the creek and discovered a cave. That was pretty exciting. I warned them not to sit on my white furniture. Cara warned them to not sit on anything after they had been out exploring.

The little girls love finding new things in my upstairs, where I keep my sewing things and stuff I like to store from my kids growing up. Treylyn found a shiny black dress to parade around in. Allison found Grandma Jackie's red velvet prom dress from 1972, and came downstairs for picture taking. Her mom sent a picture to Jackie, and Jackie returned the original picture of her in 1972. Those things are worth saving for the next generation.

Of course, this history-loving grandma thinks most things are worth saving. One never knows when it will become important to someone.

Thanks to Pam Herd for helping to decorate the community building for Wednesday's Christmas party when the Friendship was to entertain Mr. Payne's band class from school.

There were 15 middle school students, plus Pat and Cory, and community members who we hope enjoyed a turkey dinner. We appreciate these young folks taking part in their community. In just a few years it will be their responsibility.

I enjoyed having the kindergarten class and sponsors down on Thursday to cut a tree for their classroom. I will do a detailed story next week when my pictures are developed.

Our basketball boys played a game against Lutie on Friday night. The senior player (whose story was in last week's paper), Trenton Nalley, had a bad fall and had some breaks in his ankles. He will probably be out for some time. So sorry! Sports have gotten so rough we need to keep emergency crews available all the time.

Molly Bertoldie was sporting a red cast with a lot of friends’ names on it. She got some breaks in her arm while roller skating a couple of weeks ago.

The Baptist Temple Church is planning a Dream Team Parade for Sunday night, Dec. 22nd at 6:30. That sounds like fun.

The Mark Twain Coon Club sponsored a big coon contest for Project Graduation Saturday night.

I asked someone why we concentrate on red and green for Christmas. They didn't know, so I went to Google. It seems for years red and green have been traditional colors. Green is for eternal life, just as evergreen trees remain all winter long. Red represents the blood shed by Christ when He was crucified. I guess white comes in there when it snows. Most of us love Christmas, even though there are some bad memories with the good ones.

And, thinking about Christmas, it is time for me to send some checks to my families who cannot be here for the holidays. Buying presents and having them all home is one of my favorites. Johnny asked what I needed for Christmas. I told him a new Fry Daddy would be nice because I had almost thrown mine away. He wondered how one could almost throw something away. "That is when it is put in storage before the next stop."

My sewing machine is stored until after the holidays. I am enjoying wearing some of the strange clothes from my own designs. There are more to come. Just don't be surprised at what I come up with and wear.

Sympathy goes to all of you who have lost loved ones and get well to all who are suffering some major illnesses and accidents. There is so much sadness around our community.

We sometimes take our good health for granted. Then some of our friends just fall apart from unexpected health issues hitting. I can think of several right now. We think that "when I get their age, it won't happen to me." Guess what? It does, and it is a hard bite to chew.

You all have a great week and think only good thoughts about others.

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