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The granddaughters and great-grandkids had a ball last Monday when they were having their play day here on the creek. I was so involved that I missed getting to see them. They cleaned the house and had everything looking like no one had been here. Maybe, the next time I will be here too. 

The Club girls were busy quilting and overseeing the roofing, and fixing a lunch and evening meal for the guys on Monday. Bob and Lloyd Pierce, Walter Riggen, Travis Bilyeu and Jerry Dean spent the day getting the new tin on the community building. It looks great. We had a really good work crew of volunteers. You should all tell them thank you and how good it looks when you see them.  

Sympathy goes to Jackie Adams on the loss of his mom last week. That is never easy, no matter how old they get.  

Grandson-in-law Jeff Henry got some bad news on Friday night when his dad had a heart attack in one of the Carolinas. His body will be brought back to Rolla for a funeral there a bit later. I understand he was only 70 years old. 

David, Jeri, Brandy and Lance came on Thursday afternoon to work my cattle. A new baby calf was born an hour after the cows were put in the lot. Things went pretty smoothly until a part of the chute gate came off. We were all ready for a break by the time we finished. Chute repair will have to take place before the next cattle working. Life on the farm! 

There was another trip to the dentist on Friday. That is taking up too much of my time that I need to be doing something else. 

Springtime seems to be busier this year than usual. Like the yard is full of little limbs from the one big tree in my yard. Hopefully, they have all fallen off and can be picked up just one time. 

Had a nice visit with Kathy by the phone. She only lives three and a half hours away and both of us are too busy to make the drive. 

Some of my friends have planted their early seeds. There is lettuce planted in one of the containers at the edge of my yard. The annual plants that animals don’t like are coming up and looking good. I am not looking forward to mowing this year. It will need it very soon. 

I would like to thank the Headliner News for the coverage they do of our school and community. This is very important to small communities.  

The Opry had a good show on Saturday night (as usual). They are lucky to have some last-minute fill-ins. Pat walked in the door at just the right minute. 

Most of us are unhappy when our local governments waste taxpayer money. Nothing compares to the $30 million that Washington wasted over the past two years. 

Not everyone in America wants them to keep it up! I am a positive person. That has been a bit much to see happening daily. 

I just finished a book, “Things We Need to Know about American History.” It covers—in a nutshell—the highlights from the time America was discovered to the end of Bill Clinton’s time in office. It tells the good and bad about each president and major happenings. It is a book worth reading. It covers many things we all missed while going through school. I am passing this book to my grandkids because it is important for them to know about, too. Of course, this is coming from a history person. 

My tax returns were sent off this week. Now, to wait and see how that goes. I am sure there will be a place for any return since my hay cost so much this year. 

You all have a good week. 

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