Spring turkey hunting totals

Preliminary data from MDC shows that turkey hunters checked 36,231 birds during Missouri’s 2019 regular spring turkey season.

Sharing your hunt on social media

My, how the world has changed and is still changing all the time. Through social media you can share your hunting adventures with the world and do it instantly. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more give hunters an immediate way to share hunting stories, successes, moments, and memories. 

But, with social media opportunities comes responsibility. Remember that hunters, non-hunters that think it’s OK but just don’t do it, and non-hunters who object to hunting are all watching. Social media is your chance to represent all hunters with class and show your respect to the game animals we hunt. 

Share your photos, videos, and stories respectfully and humbly. Remember that non-hunters can be more understanding of our lifestyle if they see us honoring the animal and not giving high fives, chest bumps and hugs or standing over the animal gloating. Give honor to the animal and not you.

September deer spots

Archery deer hunters should be hoping for rain showers in September. Rain causes green up for deer to browse on in thickets, forbs, power-line cuts, and logging roads. More deer than you would ever think feed in these spots.        

Bass fishing hot spot

You get on the right hump this fall and you could have the best bass fishing day you’ve had all year. Bass often move from one hump to the other during the day in the fall. The most productive one’s are in river-run reservoirs where you have some current present.


Spin fishing for trout

I love fly-fishing for trout so don’t tell my fly-fishing buddies I said this but in a lot of cases, you can use your ultra-light spin fishing gear for trout. The lightest line that’s practical will help with accurate casting, more delicate delivery, and better action. Larger, weighted artificial flies are easily cast on ultra-light spinning tackle. For smaller flies add a split shot. 

An amazing adventure

Consider the many advantages you get from hiking like exercise, seeing nature, getting away from technology, putting off a job you don’t want to do, not having to hear negative news and everything else you deal with on a daily basis. 

Fall is an amazing time to go hiking. The weather is wonderful and fall foliage is a bonus. Go online and search for hiking areas in the Ozarks. You will be amazed at all the many places to go hiking. An amazing adventure awaits you so what are you waiting for?                       

Fall is perfect for camping

Summer camping is great but camping in the fall is perfect. Chilly mornings, perfect hiking weather, less crowded camping areas, no bugs and fall fishing is really good. Beautiful colors reign supreme which makes it a picturesque time to go camping too. Don’t forget to take the camera along.

Through tired eyes you watch the sun crest in the east as you clutch your warm mug, steam rising into the fresh morning air. Coffee or hot chocolate never tasted so good as on a crisp autumn morning. Sitting around a campfire in the fall is something really species.

Something to think about

"When a hunter is in a treestand with moral values and with the proper hunting ethics and richer for the experience, that hunter is 20 feet closer to God."

                                                                                            - Fred Bear

Larry Whiteley was born and raised in Nixa and was inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2019 for his over 40 years of communicating the great outdoors all over the world through his articles and radio shows.

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