COVER: Unknown Dimensions

First of all, I want to thank my devoted readers and the staff at the Christian County Headliner News for their ongoing support of this column for making this milestone possible: 250 columns over nearly five years. It is amazing to remember that it all began with an editor finally convincing her publisher to give the column a four-week trial run, and my readers took it from there. Thank you.

Now, down to business. I recently received an email from a man in Douglas County who has experienced evidence that he shares his rural home with multiple spirits from the past.

“The house is not that old, but there is evidence that there was an older house farther back from the road,” he began. “Mainly a pile of flat stones that looked like they were probably used as a walk up to the door. This is all on an eight-acre piece of property and when I get a chance I am going to do some research into its history.

“As soon as my wife and I moved in we began noticing evidence that we were sharing our new home with spirits from the past. The first thing was hearing voices that we couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it wasn’t like they were whispering or mumbling. It was more like a recording of a normal conversation between a man and a woman being played back with the volume turned down where you can hear it, but can’t make out what they are saying, if that makes any sense.

“Less than two weeks later, we saw the man and woman for the first time, but it was like a visual version of the voices. We could make them out well enough to tell they were dressed simply, like country folks from days gone by, but there was no color to them whatsoever. Since that time, we have twice seen an image of what appeared to be a little boy that what we assume to be their son because both times he was standing next to the couple, but if anything he is even more indistinct than they are. He has never made any sound that we could hear. So there you have it. I found your column on the internet and thought you would probably like to hear about it. Let us know what you think.”

Investigation into this haunting is ongoing and I will report any significant information that I obtain in a future column.

Meanwhile, there have been some recent developments concerning the apparent Bigfoot activity experienced by a northern Lawrence County family on their property. The owner called me recently and said that after a period of inactivity, some of the sounds had begun being heard again.

“On a late afternoon about the last week of the month (July) I heard a single howl coming from up on the hill where we had heard them before, but this there was no answering call from another spot like there had been. It may be nothing more than my imagination, but the howl almost sounded sad, or lonely. I have heard it twice more since then, and there wasn’t any answer those times, either. I thought one time that I heard the tree back they knocked on before struck once, but it caught me by surprise and I cannot be sure that was what it was. Outside of that, there hasn’t been anything else to tell you about, but if there if it does I will let you know.”

That does it for this week. Join me next week as we explore another element of the unknown and unexplained and embark upon the next 250 columns.

I want to thank readers of my column for coming through for me with orders for my books. If you have not done so yet, ordering information for both of my first two books, as well as the Paranormal Travel Guide to the Four State Region, can be found on my Facebook page or by emailing me at

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