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Regular readers of this column are probably familiar with the on-again-off-again Bigfoot activity that has taken place for the last few years on a hilly, forested property in northern Lawrence County. Well, as of Nov. 27 at least two of the creatures have apparently returned.

In his evening telephone call to me on Nov. 29 he stated, “They are definitely back, or at least two of them are. Right at dusk on Monday (Nov. 27) I went out the back door just as I stepped off of the porch into the yard there were three of those wood knocks like we heard before. They sounded like they were coming from the same place as before, that big hollow tree on top of the hill that Doug and I found when he came out to our place before. Then just a few seconds later there was one of those long, drawn out ‘Ah-Woo’ calls from much closer, down on the lower ground and quite a bit closer to the house. It is wooded down here too, but there is a lot more brush between the trees. The thought came into my mind that the one on the hill could have seen me come outside if his eyes were strong enough and he was warning the other one. His call was to let the one on the hill know he got the message.

“Then on Tuesday morning about 10 or so our dog started barking like he was really excited about something, and when I went out the back door to see what was going on he got braver and went out to about halfway to the brush line. Then he stopped and showed no indication of wanting to go any farther. Then just right after that I heard a small limb or a piece of brush snap, and right after that there was a from the same spot, which I would guess to be about 50 feet away or even closer. The dog got up, turned around and put his tail between his legs, and ran back to the house and went under the porch. I suddenly decided that I had some things to do inside; that growl did not sound friendly at all.

“But it was after this evening that I decided that I decided that I needed to call you. Around 4 o’clock I stepped out the back door and immediately smelled that awful odor that I told you about before, except this time it was even stronger and more rancid.

“The real activity, though, was going on up on the top of the big hill at the big hollow tree they hang around so much. First, there three hard knocks one right after the other and only a second or so apart, and then right after the last one there was the most God-awful string of calls that went on for 30 seconds or so. There was a steady stream of loud growls, screeches, screams and whoops, and I couldn’t tell how many there were doing it, but it sounded like several of them. Then when it quit, it was real sudden, like a switch had been turned off. Then, just after it got so quiet, there was another growl out in the brush that sounded far closer, even less friendly than the first one, and at the same time I realized the smell had gotten even stronger, which probably meant closer. I am not ashamed to say that I felt threatened and I immediately came into the house to call you.”

We discussed this new outbreak of activity after a considerable period of no incidents at all, and agreed that it could possibly mean that they, however many were in the group, were foraging over a large area and only “passing through” and departed again after their mission, whatever it may be, was completed. It is also quite conceivable, however, that they are present almost continuously and go unnoticed most of the time by simply being quiet and unobtrusive.

I called him earlier this morning, Dec. 6, to get an update on any further developments. Nothing else out of the ordinary has occurred, but he did state that his dog had been staying closer to the house and yard than is typical for him. It may be that there are still one or more Bigfoot present, but they are remaining away from the house and doing nothing that would draw attention to their presence. Updates will appear if and when new information becomes available.

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