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Physicality and ever-improving field vision helping Scott move from fullback to running back


Clever’s Austin Scott is living out every fullback’s dream by transitioning to running back for his senior season.

The 5-foot-10, 185-pounder received a handful of carries max per game last season while blocking for Buddy Carey and Jacob Brown. Scott will likely run with the ball three times morel as a running back than he ever did as a fullback, beginning with Saturday’s season-opener at home versus Springfield Central. 

“I'm happy to play running back my senior year and see what I can do running with the ball,” Scott said.

He thinks his experience as a lead blocker benefits him now that he’s running behind blocks.

“I feel like it helps me read (the play) better because I know how the block is set up and I know how to cut off the block,” said Scott, who rushed for 182 yards as a sophomore.

Clever coach Willie Howard is looking forward to Scott’s continued improvement in reading defenders and finding gaps between them.

“The thing he's got to learn is field vision. He doesn't see the hole right now,” Howard said. “We watched film from the jamboree and said to him, 'Austin, see that green out there, go to that green, that's your friend. You don't have to run over everybody. Make a move and get out and go.’

“He’s in that fullback (mode) thinking, 'I'm going to smoke this guy,’” Howard added. “He doesn't have that shake to him, yet. He's getting better about it. But he's still finding that shake. For some kids, it's a natural thing. he's going to have to learn it.  I think we'll see if pays off. He's adjusting.”

As his field vision gets better, Scott is certainly primed and ready for short-yardage situations. 

“It comes natural to me to put my shoulder down and try to run through them,” he said. “I'm used to being physical and like the physicality. I try to make good contact with the defender who is trying to tackle me and keep running.”